MYBO system yachts

MYBO system yachts is a project of our cheif designer Max Zhivov.

The main idea of this concept is that on the basis of one boat it is possible to make 6 variants of models for different functional needs. Constructive elements of the boat can be changed or moved according customer request. Here you can see the main principle of LEGO where simple elements are basis for imagination development.

Six possible modifications of boat can be made from basic constructive elements. Such variations are possible with the help of following options: the upper wheelhouse is made of prefabricated segments which make the needed size, also possible to set it closer to the bow, in the middle or nearer to the stern. In the rear of the hull the salon has two openings on both sides 2 m x 4 m, which are closed with sealed panels. The filling of this openings can be made in several ways:

1 - Blank panels with inset triplex glass and vents

2 – Blank panels with windows

3 - Dual panels with doorways

The owner can create a unique design of the boat. Also if the boat is sold the next owner will be able to rebuild it for his own needs according to the indicated options.